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Chocolates showcase at the Houses of Parliament

We were delighted to be invited to showcase our chocolates at the Houses of Parliament at Westminster by our MP Michelle Donelan as an award winning Chippenham Constituency businesses.

It was one of the hottest days of the year and I was a little worried that my suitcase of tasters might be little more than melted chocolates by the time I reached Westminster! I was met by one of Michelle’s aides who showed us to our room in the inner sanctum of Westminster.

It was a busy day for parliament as the vote for the Trident defence system was taking place. It was also the first few days of Teresa May as our new PM so we were perhaps fortunate not to have visited the week before!Michelle Donelan MP and Matthew

Andrea Leadsom the new Secretary of State for Food, rural affairs and the environment stopped by to say hello and talk about the life of a chocolatier. I was pleased to talk about our close links with Madagascar and Raisetrade as well as ties with our local dairy farm and Taste of the West Award winners.

Other Chippenham Constituency guests included Iford Manor Teas, Moulton Bicycles, the Wiltshire Chilli Farm and Country Candles. I had a Moultom Midi bicycle for a while as a child (though really wanted a Chopper!) so I was pleased to see the company has gone from strength to strength on the commuter trend.Matthew at Parliament

All in all it was a fantastic day meeting MPs from all over the country. My train was diverted via Bristol on the way home so I had time to enjoy a well earned Cider with a friend who called me from the catering car!