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Easter Egg Collection 2017

It’s fifty years since the famous Summer of love and our Easter Egg collection for 2017 celebrates this with Paisley influenced designs that date to ancient Persia. Our San Francisco egg has a gossamer thin pastel layer complementing the flowing hand piped Paisley designs. Presented with our new 2017 Spring Chocolate Collection this large egg weighs in at 800g including chocolates and is made from our Raisetrade House blend Madagascan chocolate.

Complementing the San Franciso egg is the equally beautiful Monterey egg. Decorated in turquoise and gold each egg design is completely unique and the eggs will be signed on the back by Master Chocolatier Diana Short.Paisley Easter Egg - Monterey

Equally as beautiful are our medium sized Paisley eggs the Indigo and Henna. The Henna design is inspired by festivals and long summer days.

Paisley Easter Egg - Indigo Paisley Henna Easter Egg Both the Henna and Indigo egg are presented in a rigid foil blocked box with a pull out drawer containing six of our Spring collection chocolates. Each egg will be individually numbered on the back and every design will be unique.

Milk Chocolate Pixel Egg with Salted Caramels Milk Chocolate Egg and the Bish Dark Chocolate Egg and Salted Caramels


Our 2017 collection sees the return of our Best Selling Pixel egg previously named BBC Good Food Best Children’s Easter Egg. For 2017 it’s presented with six soft salted caramels. We also have a Milk chocolate egg with our Taste of the  West 2016 Supreme Champion winning chocolates ‘The Bish’ and a Dark Chocolate Egg with our Gold Award winning Clotted Cream Salted Caramels.

In our Children’s selection we see the return of our Best Selling Easter Chick and Spring Lamb, this year presented in Colourful Buffer boxes with a wrap telling the story of our Raisetrade Chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Easter Chick with Mini Eggs Chocolate Spring Lamb

Both the Lamb and the Chick sit on a nest of mini-eggs contemplating the world!

For Spring and Easter we have two new limited edition Chocolate Collections. Our Spring Chocolate Collection a 12 chocolate box featuring filled mini eggs including Salted Caramel, Strawberry caramels and Coffee Bronde.

We have a larger Easter Chocolate box that features 37 chocolates including fresh ganaches and praline mini eggs.

Easter Chocolates Box

Spring Chocolates Collection


We’re really pleased with our 2017 Collection and we hope you like it too!