Shoes & Fishing Rods – a very personal Chocolate Wedding Cake

Every now and again we are asked to make a Chocolate Wedding cake that has us clapping our hands with a big smile on our faces. This was the case with Michelle & Raimon’s Wedding cake which was very personal to them and reflected their effervescent personalities. The design consultation was delightful as Michelle & Raimon knew our style and were willing to let Diana run with the design, but they also had clear ideas of the fun elements they wanted to capture in the cake. It was to be a cake that reflected Michelle’s love of shoes and Raimon’s love of fishing.

shoe_and_fishing_rod3The cake itself was a stacked tier rich chocolate fudge cake covered in beautiful chocolate roses. On top of the cake was a chocolate stiletto decorated with a filigree design with a monogrammed R & M . Chocolate fishing rods sprung out of the top of the cake catching chocolate fish!

It was a beautiful cake at one of our favourite venues The Rectory Hotel in Crudwell, Wiltshire. The Rectory is renowned for it’s food and it’s sister pub the Potting Shed has been named pub of year and was a known haunt of Prince William & Katherine for those locals in the know.

We couldn’t wait to surprise Michelle & Raimon with the final design, and as is the case with all of our cakes as they made so fresh it’s normally the day of the Wedding when the first glimpse is seen!

Michelle and Raimon loved the cake and Michelle could hardly bear to cut it – My “I REALLY don’t want to cut this cake” face… LolShoe_and_fishing_rod_cake1

It really was a fun cake to make and Michelle & Raimon were an absolute delight to make for as they knew just what they wanted but were also happy to trust Diana’s judgement and creativity.

We wish Raimon and Michelle many happy and fun filled years of fishing and shoe collecting!

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