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Wholesale Easter Eggs Collection Preview 2018

A preview of our Wholesale Easter Eggs Collection 2018 for all of you early birds – or chicks! We’ll be adding more designs to the range but for larger stores that like to order early or very organised people here is a preview…  We have a short PDF catalogue to download here …. Easter 2018

Milk Chocolate Easter Chick with Mini EggsChocolate Spring LambReturning for 2018 are our best selling Easter Chick and Spring Lamb, named best Childrens’ Easter Egg 2017 by the London Evening Standard. They are packaged in brightly coloured boxes with a wrap. The Milk Chocolate Chick has a jelly bean nose and sits on a bed of straw with three foiled mini eggs. The chocolate Spring Lamb is in white chocolate and also sits on a bed of straw with mini eggs. Each one is handmade and unique with different expressions!

We have a preview of three wholesale luxury Easter eggs for 2018 and these are accompanied with chocolates. Our colourful Pixel Easter Egg, previously named BBC Good Food Best Children’s Easter Egg makes a return with soft salted caramels. Also in milk chocolate with a subtle golden sheen is our Milk Chocolate Easter Egg accompanied by six of our Taste of the West Supreme Champion Chocolates ‘The Bish’.

For 2018 we have increased the cocoa percentage of all our milk chocolate eggs from 40% to 45%* using a sustainably produced single origin Vietnamese milk chocolate with inherently reduced sugar content. 

Finally in our House blend 75% cocoa Madagascan Dark Chocolate we have a beautiful dark chocolate egg with our 2017 Great Taste gold award winning firm clotted cream salted caramels.

Dark Chocolate Egg and Salted Caramels Milk Chocolate Pixel Egg with Salted Caramels Milk Chocolate Egg and the Bish

Each Egg is presented in a luxury foiled box with the Eggs in a pull out drawer.







For Mothers Day and Easter we have a new Spring Chocolates collection for 2018 featuring a seSpring Chocolates Collectiont of filled mini eggs with flavours including Salted Caramel, Pistachio Caramel, Strawberry Caramel and Coffee Bronde. We haven’t decided exactly which flavours to include as we like to add new chocolates each year. The chocolates are presented in a foiled box and tied with a green organza ribbon. In a case of 6 boxes.

The Easter collections are not yet available online. If you have a chocolate shop, delicatessen or farm shop and would like to open an account please fill out a Wholesale Application form For 2018 some of our Easter Eggscan be ordered from our distributor Blakemore Fine Foods.

Easter is a little earlier for 2018. Easter Sunday is Sunday 1st April 2018, Mothers Day is Sunday 11th March 2018.

* To put this into context, EU regulations specify a minimum of 25% cocoa solids, however an agreement was reached that in the UK chocolate with as low as 20% milk solids could still legally be called chocolate, in the US only 10% is required! There are many other factors to consider of course including cacao bean variety, terroir, fermentation and drying, roasting and conching, and most importantly the pay and quality of life of the cocoa farmers. It’s a complex subject!




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