A Taste of History

Historical Chocolates Collection

Following on from Diana’s starring role in the exploration of confectionery through the ages on the television, we’ve put together a small collection of chocolates inspired by the recipes she recreated from Tudor, Georgian and Victorian times.

The Historical Collection comes with a menu card detailing the source of the original recipes which were recreated in the series, next to the chocolate which they inspired. Diana said the whole experience was quite an eye opener, and yet oddly familiar…

“What became clear through the process of reworking historical recipes was that there is very little that is truly new these days. The Georgians in particular enjoyed experimenting with different flavours and presentations … I think I would have fitted right in!”

Tudor Orange – a soft Pate de Fruit of oranges inspired by a 1609 recipe of candied stuffed oranges.

The chocolates in the collection include….

Almond Marzipan – inspired by the hand-pounded Almond marchepane 1670

Tudor Orange – inspired by “Preserved oranges of the Portugese fashion” 1609

Spiced Chocolate Truffle – inspired by “Chocolate; an Indian drink” 1652

Quince & Parmesan – inspired by “Parmesan Ice Cream” 1790 and “Quince Marmelade” 1631

Violet Fondant Cream – inspired by “Sweetmeat making at home fondants” 1904

Rose Fondant Cream – inspired by “Manus Christi” 1596 and “Candied Roses” 1609

We hope you like this new chocolates collection!


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