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Cocoa, Cacao and the Cocoanut

Steam ConfectionPan

The origin of the word ‘cocoa’ in the English language is frequently a point of discussion. In the last two years ‘cacao’ has become much more commonly used and has been extolled by health bloggers and Sunday supplements as being a completely different and generally superior product to cocoa! Well…., neatly side-stepping that particularly pot […]

Avokany Faravohitra Children’s Home Update

Avoko Avokany Faravohitra

Since our visit to Madagascar last year we have supported the Avokany Faravohitra children’s home with ongoing financial sponsorship. The wonderful charity Small Steps for Africa who coordinate the sponsorship visited the home earlier this year. We thought you’d love to read about their trip below.   Taken from Small Steps for Africa’s annual report…  […]

Chocolate Salami – Origins and Traditions

Chocolate Salami

We’ve been making and selling our own recipe Chocolate Salami for several years now… so we thought we would take some time to explore the origins and traditions surrounding this classic Italian and Portuguese dessert. I used to take great pleasure serving our chocolate Salami to tourists visiting our Cotswold chocolate shop. A particular Italian […]

You’ve made a cow very Happy today!

Cocoa the Cow

You’ve made a cow very happy today! Why we pay a fair price for cream and have signed up to the government’s Prompt Payment Scheme… I was reading the Sunday paper the other day about the plight of dairy farmers in the UK. It’s been difficult for them for many years now but the ongoing […]

Halva Chocolates

Halva Chocolates

Picture the scene…breakfast time on a Greek Island. A light cool breeze wafting the scent of tropical flowers over the balcony, the azure sea glinting a cheeky promise of snorkelling delights to come later in the day. The bleached wooden table bears baskets of fresh breads and fruit. Before you sits a bowl of unctuous […]

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