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How to Recycle our Home Compostable bags – Plants v Plastic

Garden Recycling

How to Recycle our Home Compostable Bags – Summary If you receive your chocolates in a clear bag with a ‘Home compostable’ sticker here’s the short summary of how to recycle it :- Your bag can be put in your home Compost heap and will degrade and completely disappear in a few weeks. Many local […]

Chocolate Delivery Information

Alas we have to charge you for shipping and delivery, but at least you can avoid putting your back out with heavy bags and avoid the traffic wardens! Chocs Away! Lick the Spoon Ltd. Company registration No. 6636121. Place of Registration: England. Registered address: Unit 2 Masons Wharf, Potley Lane, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9FY

Akany Avoko Faravohitra Childrens Home Madagascar

Akany Avoko Faravohitra

Our visit to Akany Avoko Faravohitra Childrens Home Madagascar was an unforgettably moving experience. In Malagasy ‘Akany’ is centre, ‘Avoko’ a Madagascan flower and ‘Faravohitra’ is a suburb of Antananarivo the Madagascan capital. It was our second day in Madagascar and we knew that we were to visit a children’s home that had recently opened. What we […]

Click and Collect

Chocolate bars stacked 2

It is now possible to Click and Collect your chocolates having them delivered to a local shop via Interlink’s and DPD’s Ship to Shop service. This option is selected via Interlinks in flight options available in Interlinks email/text to you when your order is shipped. Note ensure you enter your final shipping destination at our […]

What is Fresh Chocolate?

What is Fresh Chocolate and why is Raisetrade important? Updated October 2015… a year on from the 2014 World Chocolate Forum we met once again with Chocolat Madagscar at the  2015 conference. Chocolate Madagscar have now produced the rather lovely film below showing how they grow and make their chocolate in Madagscar. The film speaks […]

A nice glass of Criollo?… Origin chocolate explained.

I dare say a fair few of us will sit down this evening with a nice glass of wine…a French Cabernet Sauvignon perhaps, a Chilean Pinot Noir or a zingy Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand…and the chances are that when we picked up the bottle we knew exactly the flavour profile […]

What is Couverture?

As passionate chocolatiers, we’re always on the lookout for new exciting “couvertures” to try ~ “What’s a couverture” I hear you cry, “be gone with your fancy words!”. Well it’s not just a fancy word for chocolate. Settle down for a bit of chocolate trivia with which you can fascinate/bore your mates down the pub! […]

Fresh Chocolates Shelf Life?

Award winning handmade chocolates

Fresh Chocolates We refer to many of our chocolates as ‘fresh chocolates’. These are ganache based recipes that use deliciously rich organic Jersey cream delivered straight to us twice a week from Ivy House Farm. These ganache based fresh chocolates are best eaten within two weeks of purchase. You will find our fresh chocolates in […]

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