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How to make the Best Hot Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate Lickable Spoons

So how do you make the best hot chocolate? Well it starts with the most important ingredient – chocolate, and in our case we’re going to use fine Madagascan dark chocolate and show two easy methods to make what we think is the World’s best hot chocolate! The first method uses our own hot chocolate Lickable Spoons ® […]

Chocolates Making Day with Gloucester Services

Today we welcomed the new Gloucester Services South Farm Shop team to Corsham for a Chocolates making training day – with a good dose of fun thrown in! Following the success of Gloucester Services North opened last year the new South Bound farm shop services is about to open and we have exciting news to […]

How to make money selling Chocolates?

How to make money selling chocolates? That’s the 64 thousand dollar question that everyone who wants to open a chocolate shop or chocolate counter asks themselves, or at least should do before they embark on the venture! This article could be sub-titled… Why you should consider a fresh chocolate counter. Why do People buy chocolate? […]

Making Salted Caramels

Sea Salt Caramels

This week we’ve been making batches of Salted Caramels or Salted Caramel chocolates. A salted caramel as with any chocolate is of course only as good as its ingredients and the care and skill used during its creation. We have a wonderful dairy farm close to us – Ivy House Farm and they supply our […]

Strawberry wine for my Valentine… Chocolates

OK, I admit, despite grumbling about the whole commercialised madness of Valentines day, we did sit down and have a slap up meal together with one too many cocktails..more of which later!. First I must introduce you to a new-choc-on-the-block. Our friends at Harrison’s wine shop asked us to come up with some recipes for […]

Chocolate Ganache Recipe – dark

Over the years the most requested recipe that I’m asked for is for a basic chocolate ganache. Ganache is just a fancy word for a mixture or emulsion (more on that at a later date) of cream and chocolate. Ganache forms the basis of many chocolates, truffles and cake fillings so it’s a useful little […]