Chocolate Centrepiece for John Lewis Foodhall Oxford Street

Chocolate Centrepiece sculpture for John Lewis Foodhall Oxford Street

Though events have currently overtaken us with the temporary closure of John Lewis Oxford Street and our own business, for a brief while customers at the flagship John Lewis store were able to view this beautiful chocolate sculpture created by Diana as centre-piece for our Easter Egg display.

But let’s rewind in time just six weeks…

Our Easter Egg range this year has an art deco theme based on the roaring 20’s accompanied by 1920s cocktail truffles. As our range was given a prestigious spot at the centre of the foodhall in the flagship John Lewis Oxford Street store it seemed appropriate that a chocolate sculpture capturing the essence of the 1920s era and film stars such as Mary Pickford would make a fitting centre-piece. The sculpture was planned to be raffled for charity by John Lewis with a presentation from Diana to the winner.

We are also being followed by a documentary film crew this year and so the creation of the sculpture has been filmed for screening at some point in the future.

The delivery to central London was followed by the film crew. So an early morning 4am start took place in order to arrive at Oxford Street and set up the sculpture before the store opened.

The journey to London was a nerve wracking affair, not least crossing the Hammersmith flyover where every bump bought gasps of fear that bit would break off! Diana had packed a repair kit in anticipation.

We were rigged with go-pro cameras in the car to film the journey and the film crew then met us as we arrived in London.

The John Lewis team were as wonderful as ever and met us at Goods in so we could deliver the sculpture safely to the shop floor. We were an hour late so the store had already opened and customers were quite amused to see us trying to manipulate the sculpture and custom made case into place.

Unfortunately events overtook us the following week and John Lewis closed all of its stores as the Coronavirus events unfolded. We understand that our Easter eggs were moved to a Waitrose store to sell. Perhaps some of you may be lucky enough to receive one?

The sculpture was named Esther after Matthew’s grandmother who met his grandfather whilst dancing on Weston-Super-Mare sea front in the 1920s.

We hope you may be able to see the chocolate sculpture creation and delivery on television at some point in the future, though at present all filming is suspended and we ourselves are paused.

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