Chocolate Faberge Egg for Harrods

We are delighted to create Chocolate Faberge Eggs for Harrods London including a giant Chocolate Faberge Egg inspired by the beautiful intricate work of the jeweller Carl Faberge. Faberge created a series of Easter gifts for the Russian Imperial family.

Harrods Chocolate Faberge Egg Curlicues

Hand crafted over 4 days using 5 kg of Venezuelan milk chocolate the egg features a gossamer- thin layer of red cocoa butter to give a rich, glossed colour. The decor is piped entirely freehand, echoing the flowing curlicues and filigree work typical of the Faberge House. Even the roses are made from solid chocolate…each petal painstakingly formed and mounted to produce a delicate realism without moulds or tools.

This piece showcases the artistry and skill of the Lick the Spoon team, renowned for their creative interpretation of classic chocolate gifts.HArrods Giant Chocolate Faberge Easter Egg

It’s a wonderful commission to have explained Diana, our artistic decorative chocolate style is perfectly matched to creating an Easter egg in style of the famous Faberge Eggs.

Alongside the giant Chocolate Easter Egg Lick the Spoon have created a large and medium sized egg in the Faberge style that will be available exclusive to Harrods Food Hall. These eggs are also finished in shimmering red and gold and decorated with a gold filigree design.

The Faberge style Chocolate Easter Eggs are available exclusively from Harrods, London.