Chocolate Salami – Origins and Traditions

Chocolate Salami

We’ve been making and selling our own recipe Chocolate Salami for several years now… so we thought we would take some time to explore the origins and traditions surrounding this classic Italian and Portuguese dessert. I used to take great pleasure serving our chocolate Salami to tourists visiting our Cotswold chocolate shop. A particular Italian guest loved the Salami and told me that though it reminded him of his grandmother, ours was a much richer and more complex recipe than the one he remembered from his childhood. Our original Classic Fruit and Nut chocolate Salami recipe includes hazelnuts, pecans and cranberries and is laced with Mount Gay rum and brandy, but the exact method of course remains a closely guarded secret entrusted only to the chief Oompah Loompah!

We have great fun with our chocolate salami as many people believe that we have created a recipe with meat! This leads to much turning of heads and whispered explanations from friends. But in case you are confused, chocolate salami doesn’t contain any meat!

The salami name derives from the physical appearance which is cylindrical and can be sliced for serving. In the chocolate version of the salami, biscuit pieces and nuts resemble the speckled fat of a real salami.

Chocolate Salami sliced

We believe that the confection was originally of Italian origin and became popular in Portugal. It can even be found in a simplified version in Portuguese vending machines!

In Portugal Chocolate Salami or Salame de Chocolate is a well known dessert combining chocolate, Maria biscuits (Rich tea style) eggs, sugar and butter.

In Italy Salame de Chocolate is listed as a traditional Italian Food product Prodotti agroalimentari tradizionali italiani (P.A.T). In Bologna the chocolate salami was a traditional sweet treat for passover. There are numerous regional recipe variations for Salame di cioccolato also known as Salame Turco (Turkish Salami) and even Salame Vichingo (Viking Salami). The Salami Vichingo dates back to an Italian¬† children’s cookery book Manuale di Nonna Papera (The Manual of Grandma duck) published in the 1970s which included a recipe for Salame Vichingo. Salame Turco derives its name from a comparison of the colour of the chocolate salami with the skin colour of the Moors rather than a Turkish origin.

Regional recipe variations include ingredients such as Amaretti biscuits and Grappa.

Chocolate Salami Fruit and NutLick the Spoon’s Gold award winning Classic chocolate salami is full of decadent Christmas flavours…dried fruits, rum and brandy and of course, our sublime 74% house blend dark chocolate. We don’t use raw eggs in our recipe, the richness is achieved uniquely with the fine Raisetrade chocolate and succulent fruits.

In 2014 we introduced a Peanut Caramel version, slightly sweeter, enrobed in milk chocolate but without any alcohol. Our chocolate salami has been such a hit, we were even asked to make an exclusive version with candied chestnuts for Harrods!

If you need a gift for the person who has everything, then one of our chocolate salami is certainly going to prove a popular talking point, and it’s delicious too!

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