Chocolates Making Day with Gloucester Services

Today we welcomed the new Gloucester Services South Farm Shop team to Corsham for a Chocolates making training day – with a good dose of fun thrown in!

Following the success of Gloucester Services North opened last year the new South Bound farm shop services is about to open and we have exciting news to reveal over the coming weeks. Gloucester Services is a motorway services like no other, a beautiful Cotswold stone landscaped farm shop sourcing from local suppliers.

The team came to Corsham today tasked with bringing with them a selection of ingredients from the farm shop which they could use to create a chocolate unique to Gloucester services. What an array they brought! From Three Choirs wine to Cerney Ash Goats cheese with local Stout and Perry cider thrown into the mix along with our friends Artisan Kitchen’s jam. After a crash course in chocolate tasting Diana split them into two teams and at the flip of a coin they got to split the ingredients between them. With an added flourish they finally got to swap an ingredient.

The teams choices wChoosing the ingredientsere Cerney goats with ash, Cotswold Honey, Artisan Kitchen Early Rivers Prolific Plum Jam and Dorothy Goodbody’s wholesome stout. Diana then tasked them to brainstorm flavour combinations or even memories that they might associate with each ingredient.

After a further crash course in ganache making the final chocolates began to emerge… The goats cheese was removed from the ash casing and sieved into Jersey cream. A touch of lemon juice was added to offset the sweetness of the white chocolate used.  The final chocolate was Cerney Goats cheese and lemon ganache.

The Cotswold honey worked beautifully and Diana suggested an almond crunch layer in dark chocolate to add texture. Making an Almond crunch layer

The Stout ganache was paired with caramel, and the wonderful Plum Jam was piped on top of a Cherry brandy ganache.

After lessons in topping off and decoration the final chocolates were presented to the proud Gloucester Services team after a crash course in chocolates making all with locally sourced ingredients from the Gloucester services farm shop- didn’t they do well!

Gloucester Services team