Christmas Chocolates 2020

Christmas Chocolates

With the latest announcement of lockdown for one month our chocolate factory will stay open, making and sending online orders.

All of our chocolates now have a shelf life past Christmas with the exception of our Mixed and Alcohol free fresh chocolate collections.

The couriers are indicating that they will become capacity overloaded and may have to throttle parcel collections. With this in mind please order now and please don’t specify specific delivery dates, we want to send as soon as we can shelf life permitting. Thank you!




Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Lickable Spoon
Chocolate Salami
Christmas Chocolates
Vegan Salted Caramels

So why are our Liqueur Cherries and Orangey Chocolate Sticks currently out of stock?

There is only one company in the UK that makes the cardboard tubes we use for our cherries and orangey sticks (though there are many in the far east). Rather than increase the price of our Orangey Sticks and Humbug sticks we decided to change to a box format and these are currently being printed by a small family business in Stockport. So our Orangey Sticks and humbug sticks will remain the same price, same weight, and in a similar style beautiful UK manufactured packaging where we can trace the board source and know that environmental standards are maintained.

Our cherries are moving to a new 12 chocolate box format becoming a larger and more sumptuous liqueur chocolate. This packaging went to print locally last Monday.

So we hope to have both in stock again by the end of November – fingers crossed!

Other than these small packaging hiccups everything is in stock!


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