Creating Chocolate Memories

The Lick the Spoon story is really the story of founder and Creative Director, Diana Short…

Long before she was born, family history was paving the way for a life filled with good food. Diana’s grandfather was a chef at London’s famous Hyde Park hotel, and as a child she would gaze at the black & white photographs of the glorious banquets in the halcyon days of 1950’s elegance, wondering how it would have been to cook alongside the grandfather she never got to meet. A trip to London with her father (a lifelong chocolate aficionado) included a visit to a luxurious chocolate shop filled with glorious smells, neat rows of exquisite chocolates and polished dark wood counters. These memories stayed with Diana.Diana's Grandad Hyde Park Hotel

During school holidays Diana worked in local restaurant kitchens watching the chefs at work learning their techniques. By the age of twenty-one Diana was running her own bistro in Cheltenham, but with a Sagittarian urge to travel departed for Europe on her moped without even a ferry ticket or a map!

For two years Diana travelled Europe, finding work as a freelance artist or “Madonnari”, painting classical scenes and creating frescos for wealthy villa owners. When her trusty (if rusty!) moped was stolen in Nice, Diana settled there and spent six years working her way to the position of Chef de Cuisine running a brigade of French chefs. Eventually returning to the UK Diana continued to work as a head chef creating inspirational menus for events such as the Wildscreen film awards.
A part time Jazz & Blues singer Diana met husband Matthew whilst they played in a band together.

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