Dominica Emergency Water Relief Fund Raising

Hurricane Maria

We’ve all seen the devastation to the Caribbean caused by Hurricane Maria. The tiny Island of Dominica has been completely devastated and water supplies are contaminated. See the latest BBC story here  and the United Nations update. Our friends Kim & Lylette at the Crayfish Bay cocoa plantation in nearby Grenada have teamed up with International Rescue Group Captain Dave Bean on Grenada and have already sent supplies of bottled water and other help. But the water infrastructure is destroyed on Dominica. 

A better solution is the use of water filtration Jerry cans as seen in this TED talk. 

These cans are UK made and the company have agreed to airfreight the cans at cost to Crayfish for onward transportation by International Rescue Group to Dominica.

There is a fundraiser campaign which we have donated to – $100 buys one can and filters water for a family of four. Please use the GoFundMe campaign by Ann E and importantly in the comments field put ‘for LifeSaver Jerrycans’

Please follow the Crayfish Bay Facebook Page for updates

Update from fund campaign 29th September… 

“Funds will be provided to two beneficiaries in this operation, International Rescue Group headed by Captain Ray Thackeray and as well specially designated funds for water purifiers to:
Icon LifeSaver Ltd
Fifth Floor
55 King Street
Manchester, UK
M2 4LQ
Registered Company Number: 09778295.

My relationship with Captain Ray at RG is through years of following his organization and having worked with him previously when Dominica was flooded two years ago. He has helped to line up the tug (referred and assisted by Captain Henry Metz of S/Y Shaitan, one of Select Yachts long standing fleet yachts).
The Water Filtration Systems is a special project referred by Mr. Kim Russell who has been making flight and item donations and working with IRG and Captain Dave Bean, who is presently the IRG Commodore on Grenada.
I will provide all funds designated via credit card, bank wire, or ACH transfer. Funds will be sent and withdrawn in my name. If anyone has any questions they are surely welcome to call or contact me, all details for myself can be found on my company site . Thanks once again to all!”

Thank you,

Matthew & Diana