Down on the Farm!

Down on the Farm chocolate Easter egg factory

If you have young childDown on the Farm handmade Easter Eggren, (or even if you don’t!) tune in to the CBeebies TV channel this Friday 28th April at 5pm to watch Lick the Spoon in action.

A few weeks ago, a film crew, presenters and two lovely children paid us a visit to explore the journey of our chocolate from farm to Easter egg. The children made some chocolate from freshly roasted cocoa beans in our grinders, adding sugar and milk powder. Interestingly, the children didn’t question the use of dry milk as opposed to liquid, but the adults, conditioned by years of TV adds endorsing the “glass and a half” had to be convinced with a demonstration before believing that adding fresh cream to the grinding beans would result in disaster!

Want to find out more?…tune in this Friday!


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