Fresh Chocolates Shelf Life?

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Fresh Chocolates

We refer to many of our chocolates as ‘fresh chocolates’. These are ganache based recipes that use deliciously rich organic Jersey cream delivered straight to us twice a week from Ivy House Farm. These ganache based fresh chocolates are best eaten within two weeks of purchase.

You will find our fresh chocolates in the Boxed chocolates category. Our truffle cubes are also made with the same delicious fresh cream ganache and are also best eaten within two weeks.

Product Details

So if you are ordering fresh chocolates from the boxed chocolate section or truffle cubes and don’t want to eat them straight away e.g. a Christmas gift, please tell us the date you need them at the checkout or simply type ‘Christmas Gift’ or similar in the order notes.

If you are unsure if an item is a shorter shelf life fresh chocolate click on the product details button. We aim to highlight shorter shelf life fresh chocolates in the product detail.




Longer Shelf life Chocolates

Many of our chocolates have a naturally longer shelf life as they do not contain fresh cream.

These include pralines, rochers, items from our ‘nibble cubes’ section including chocolate coated ginger, orange, honeycomb, chocolate bars, lollies and fondant cream boxed chocolates such as Rose & Violet creams or Traditional fondant creams.

Wholesale Shelf Life

Once logged in to your Wholesale account you will see a colour coded label at the top of each wholesale product photograph showing the guaranteed minimum shelf life on delivery. This is typically 75% of the maximum product shelf life.

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