Impact Founders – Fast Forward 2030 – University College London

Impact Founders Fast Forward 2030 University College London

Earlier this we were invited to join the Impact Founders group, a network of small organisations working towards a big change through the United Nations 2030 Sustainability goals.

Fast Forward 2030 (1) was launched in 2015 by Professor Dame Henrietta Moore, Director of University College London’s Institute for Global Prosperity, and Arthur Kay, Chief Executive of bio-bean. It has since been recognised by the U.N Global Compact.

Why the Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals are the first comprehensive plan for the whole of humanity to flourish within the means of the planet. They set a direct challenge to businesses by insisting that the environmental and social impact of the way we do business can no longer be an afterthought, or an add-on. They need to be at the very heart of how, and why our economies and businesses function. Fast Forward 2030 exists to encourage and inspire businesses that embody this.

My invitation to join the Impact Founders came whilst studying with UCL earlier this year. It’s a fantastic way to share ideas and experiences with entrepreneurial businesses around the world, working in different ways to achieve the Sustainability goals. – Matthew

1. Fast Forward 2030 –

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