Improved Website Experience

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We’ve made some behind the scenes website improvements that won’t be immediately obvious, but we thought we should tell you anyway…!

Payment processing

Ever since we started in 2006 we’ve used SagePay (now named Opayo) in conjunction with a merchant bank, in the last few years the merchant bank being AIB. This meant that you would be transferred off our site to SagePay for payment processing. However in the last year in particular we’ve become frustrated with AIB who seem to have made payment processing and reconciliation more difficult during lockdown with ever increasing and impossible to decipher processing fees.

So when a new fully integrated option became available via Stripe we decided the time has come to switch. So you will no longer be transferred from our checkout page to complete your order unless you choose the Paypal option.

It’s important to note that Stripe are an industry leader, fully PCI compliant, and this option has been available in the United States for a year. Though card transaction are entered on our website no card details are stored on our server.

Not that we do many refunds, but our refund process is now fully integrated too.

DPD Local integration

The huge increase in online sales at Christmas during lockdown highlighted a flaw in our efficiency. When we sent parcels via DPD we needed to manually duplicate all of the address and order details into the DPD shipping application. This was fine during quieter times , but really hindered our ability to ship orders quickly at Christmas. 

So we’ve now integrated to the DPD shipping interface  so we can create shipments directly from our website. You won’t notice much difference as a customer other than improved tracking access. 

Login Security Improvements

If you’re creating a new account with us you’ll now have to complete a mathematical puzzle. This isn’t some kind of aptitude test we’ve fiendishly implemented. But rather a further security deterrent against the constant robots that trawl the web. As always website security is a top priority.

If you encounter any issues with our changes please let us know?


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