Lick the Spoon is launched!

In 2006 with first son Harrison just a toddler and second son Thomas on the way, Lick the Spoon was created. Drawing on years of culinary experimentation Lick the Spoon immediately gained attention and began to win awards

In the first year of trading Lick the Spoon’s chocolates were named best in category at the Taste of the West awards. An inspirational speech and talk with Michael Caines OBE led to the creation of the “Wonders of the West” collection. Using flavours from, and inspired by, the South-West, it was this collection that achieved finalist status in the Waitrose Made in Britain awards 2008.

Country Living complete reducedOf course it wasn’t all easy, rather than working from home, your home becomes your factory! Not only that but those children start to get bigger and are very, very good at reaching chocolate. With ongoing success the decision was taken to move production from home to new premises…a Chocolate Factory needed to be built!

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