Liqueur Cherries from the Perigord

Perigord Distillerie

We’re now directly sourcing our liqueur cherries from a small artisan distillery in the Perigord region of France famous for its liqueur fruits. The distillerie was founded in 1860 and won a gold medal at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair.

It’s part of our ongoing strategy to create direct connections with our ingredients suppliers, ensuring we know exactly how the cherries are grown and produced.

Brexit did manage to throw a slight spanner in the works as they were held up in customs for quite a while before we eventually gave up trying to navigate the .gov website and hired an import agent.

The cherries are delicious and are the centre-piece of our own Taste of the West Gold Award winning liqueur cherry chocolates. These have evolved several times over the years we think they are now the best we’ve created.

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