How to make the Best Hot Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate Lickable Spoons

So how do you make the best hot chocolate?

Well it starts with the most important ingredient – chocolate, and in our case we’re going to use fine Madagascan dark chocolate and show two easy methods to make what we think is the World’s best hot chocolate!

The first method uses our own hot chocolate Lickable Spoons ® and Diana will demonstrate how to use them to make a rich hot chocolate. The second method was filmed on location in Madagascar with our friends Nicolas and Zo of Chocolat Madagascar as they demonstrate in their chocolate kitchen how the Malagasy make hot chocolate.

Our Hot Chocolate Spoons are made with Raisetrade chocolate from the Sambirano valley Madagascar, and it is this rich fruity chocolate that makes this simply the best hot chocolate!

US cup conversions are approximate and can be adjusted to taste in these recipes.

Hot Chocolate Method 1 – Hot Chocolate Lickable Spoons

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1 Hot Chocolate Lickable Spoon – Dark Chocolate 75% cocoa

150 ml of milk – 2/3 US Cup (as an alternative use Water or Soya milk)

Heat the milk in a pan or microwave a cup of milk until the milk is simmering. Mix in your hot chocolate spoon stirring all the time to incorporate the chocolate into the milk. This will be easiest if the milk is simmering and will allow the chocolate to emulsify. We think our dark chocolate 75% cocoa spoon makes the richest hot chocolate with the perfect balance of rich fruity flavour. For sweeter tooths we also have Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate and marshmallow versions!

Add sugar to taste, cream, marshmallows, a pinch of chilli. Or why not add a small drop of peppermint oil to make a refeshingly Minty hot chocolate?

Hot Chocolate Method 2 – Malagasy Hot Chocolate

There is a thriving domestic chocolate market in Madagascar. Chocolaterie Robert have been making chocolates in Madagascar since the 1920s and are a wholly Malagasy owned company. We use the wonderful Madagascan dark chocolate from Chocolat Madagascar – the international export brand of Chocolaterie Robert. During our recent visit to the Chocolat Madagscar factory in the capital Antananarivo, export manager Nicolas and Recipe development manager Zo shared with us how Malagasy people make hot chocolate.

There is no dairy industry on Mdagascar and whilst the native Zebu do produce milk, it is for baby Zebu! So this recipe uses dried milk powder and water. It is a very similar recipe method to the one we used to make daily hot chocolate in our shop, though we used fresh milk which can be used as an alternative, as can water or soya milk.

[msg type=default] Ingredients – How to make the Best Hot Chocolate Recipe 2

Water 900g – or 2 1/2 US Cups

Dried milk powder 100g or 3/4 US cup (or follow recipe on powder)

melted Dark Chocolate 70% cocoa -Chocolate Madagascar – 200g 3/4 US cups

Optional flavourings…

Ginger Juice 20g  or 1/8 US cup

1 Combava or Kaffir Lime or Chocolat Madagascar 65% dark chocolate with Combava where available

Heat the Water until boiling. Add the milk powder whisking all the time to incorporate. Gently melt the dark chocolate and when melted add to the boiling milk and water whisking all the time to emulsify and incorporate. Alternatively the chocolate could be grated or broken into pieces and whisked in until fully incorporated. The chocolate is now ready to drink, however for a real flavour of Madagascar…

Add 20g of fresh ginger juice for a spicy hot chocolate and Malagasy alternative to chilli, or…

Macerate a Combava (Malagasy Kaffir lime) and strain through a sieve before adding to the hot chocolate. As an alternative Chocolat Madagascar’s 65% dark chocolate with Combava could be used where available.

Comabavas are Malagasy Kaffir Limes. We were fortunate to see them growing wild in the rainforest and cocoa plantations.

I hope you enjoyed our recipes and have been inspired to try your own.

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