Making chocolate Honeycomb

handmade honeycomb

Today we’ve been making oodles and oodles (technical term) of chocolate honeycomb. Well actually Tina and Diana have been making the honeycomb and i’ve been packing Almond Rochers as fast as I can to make space for the growing honeycomb mountain! Honeycomb hills for as far as the eye can see! We have a little video of the day below with a suitably bubbling molten theme.

We’ve been making honeycomb since we started Lick the Spoon in 2006 and it’s been one of our enduring popular products. A perfect nibble or a lovely chocolate gift for someone. The dark chocolate honeycomb is very popular for dairy intolerant diets as although their may be traces of milk in our dark chocolate (0.05% to be precise- we’ve had it tested!) there is no intentional dairy in the recipe. Our dark chocolate honeycomb uses our house blend 75% cocoa Madagascan dark chocolate. The milk chocolate honeycomb is in our 40% cocoa Venezuelan house blend. For me the milk chocolate honeycomb is my own personal favourite. The milk chocolate honeycomb even won a gold award at the Taste of the West Awards 2010!

Honeycomb is particularly troublesome to enrobe (cover in chocolate) due to all the lumps and bumps. So not only do we double enrobe our honeycomb, but we also make a third quality control check, and then again when packing, just to make sure nothing is missed.

All we have to do now is pack all that we made today – better set the alarm clock! Some of the dark chocolate honeycomb will be heading to Liberty London later this week to replenish stocks in the chocolate room. Chocs away! Matthew

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