New Chocolate Anthology Collection

Chocolate Anthology

We’re delighted to launch our new Chocolate Anthology Collection! It was fifteen years in December since we first launched Lick the Spoon from our kitchen table, so earlier this year we put our heads together to pick some of our personal favourite chocolates over the years, and bring them together in our new Anthology collection.

It was a tough job to choose, but some old favourites are back. Many will remember our Mulled Blackberry and our Aztec Gold Chilli and Lime ganache. The first time to our knowledge that a chilli and lime chocolate combination was created. For both of these we’ve chosen the original large dome shape. This works particularly well for the Mulled Blackberry.

Also in the collection are Amaretto & Marzipan, Sea Salt Praline – first created in our son’s bedroom when it was hastily converted to a kitchen to create the Wonders of the West collection back in 2007. Firm Salted Caramel made with clotted Jersey cream from Ivy House Farm. Rum & Raisin from our Timeless Truffles collection. Our Bronde truffle using our own unique Trademarked Bronde chocolate. Last but most definitely not least is our 2016 Taste of the West Supreme Champion ‘The Bish’.

Every chocolate has won a Taste of the West Gold award in fifteen years of entering.

Chocolate anthology [an-thol-uh-jee] / noun | a collection of artistic works that have a similar form or subject, often those considered to be the best

So this anthology selection represents what one might call our Greatest Hits …. all in one box.

We hope you like this trip down chocolate memory lane, or as our tagline used to be … creating chocolate memories…

Matthew, Diana, Tina & Pauline x


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