New Chocolate Bars are Launched!

Pistachio & Sesame milk chocolate bars

It’s taken many months of recipe development and graphic design, but it’s been worth it – our new chocolate bars are here! The six chocolate bars in the new range are Pistachio & Sesame, Salted Caramel, Cafe Bronde, Rose & Violet cream, Sea Salt Praline and Blackforest.

Pistachio & Sesame milk chocolate bar Our Pistachio & toasted Sesame bar originally started life as an Easter Egg two years ago. The flavour combination was so popular that BBC Olive magazine named it one of their favourite Easter eggs. So we knew we had to bring it into bar form!

For our new milk chocolate bars and indeed all our milk chocolates, we’ve increased the cocoa percentage from 40 to 45%. We believe the national palate is evolving with a readiness to taste increasingly complex flavours in milk chocolate, married with a desire for reduced sugar content.

Our 75% cocoa dark chocolate bars retain our two most popular flavours of Blackforest and Rose & Violet Cream Bars.

Blackforest Dark Chocolate BarThe Blackforest combination of mouth puckering sour cherries in dark chocolate was first tasted by Diana 25 years ago when she was working Germany.

Rose & Violet Cream Chocolate Bar

Our Rose & Violet Cream bar is made to a Victorian Recipe inspired by Diana’s recent television experience as a time traveling confectioner. Using the purest essential oils, balancing the sweetness with dark chocolate. The new bar shape makes it easier break pieces – not that you’ll be sharing!

Our dark chocolate is made under the Raisetrade initiative in partnership with Chocolat Madagascar, using cacao grown in the North-west Sambirano valley. We were able to visit Chocolat Madagascar in 2016 and followed the cacao journey from the plantation in the Sambirano valley to the Robert chocolate factory in Antananarivo. Chocolat Madagascar are considered one of the finest tree-to-bar chocolate makers in the world. 

In 2017 we also partnered with Columbian based Casa Luker using fino de aroma beans tree-to-bar production in Columbia, again retaining more of the money in the local economy.

Our unique Bronde Chocolate® has evolved into a new Cafe Bronde bar. Using Cacao

Cafe Bronde Chocolate Bar

 beans from our friends at Crayfish Bay on the island of Grenada we make the Bronde® chocolate from scratch over 72 hours and then add the subtle crunch of ground Arabica coffee.  The bar has a smooth caramelised flavour.

Sea Salt Praline milk chocolate bar

Our famous Sea Salt pralines have been a best seller for over a decade. The recipe came to life on our kitchen table and has now evolved into a fully fledged bar. It’s a meltingly soft praline with little spikes of sea salt.

Last but not least in our new range is a new soft Salted Caramel bar. It took many trials in Diana’s copper jam pan to perfect the soft buttery caramel with local Jersey 

Salted Caramel Milk chocolate bar

cream and the finest sea salt.

All of the packaging for our new bars are designed by Diana, fully compostable, and made in the UK. Inside the beautiful new boxes the bars are packaged in a clear bag made using a new technique from vegetable materials such that it will fully compost in just three weeks!

The new bars retail at £3-50 on our website and are available to wholesale customers via a login.

So what are you waiting for!