New Dedicated Vegan Chocolate Tempering Machine

Selmi Chocolate Machine

We’ve now purchased and commissioned a new Selmi Chocolate tempering machine dedicated to Vegan Chocolate Tempering.

As our Vegan chocolates range has grown we decided that the wonderful Madagascan Vegan Cashew milc chocolate needed it’s own dedicated tempering machine. This new machine allows us to become more efficient at making Vegan chocolates and helps us keep up with the growing demand.

As Cashew nuts are an allergen it also allows us to segregate our Vegan chocolate production to a separate production area. Food safety is one of the most important parts of our production and as we work to the SALSA standard we have a continuous improvement process in place with regular risk assessment updates.

It’s also staff training this month with updated food hygiene training to include the latest COVID advice for food businesses and next month we have our annual SALSA audit, which this year takes a hybrid format of part on site and part remote assessment.

But the best news is that more people can enjoy the taste of the wonderful and innovative Madagascan cashew milc chocolate! Produced under the Raisetrade model it’s been named The World’s Fairest Chocolate.


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