Plastic Free Chocolate Boxes are here!

Vegan Salted Caramels

Hurrah! Our Plastic free chocolate boxes are here! A year in the making – I know we can’t quite believe it’s taken so long either – and our boxes are here and will start to ship to our customers. You’ll also see our photographs change, just as soon as we get chance to take them.

The time taken hasn’t been because they’ve been shipped a long way, they are made just around the corner in Corsham. But some new techniques have been used including new water based plastic free food contact coatings, and the challenge of making the foiling on the lid so thin that it wouldn’t affect the cardboard recycling stream.

We will also be adjusting the design of some of our chocolates over the next few weeks. Our smaller domed chocolates will become larger domed chocolates. Those that remember the original Aztec Gold for example will see it return in its original form. Our rectangular chocolates will also evolve to a larger cube shape.

There are two reasons for this. 

  • To maximise the chocolate per packaging ratio and make sure the new boxes are absolutely full – the new boxes are slightly deeper than the plastic trays!
  • To harmonise the size of our chocolates a little more so we can create a custom plastic free wholesale chocolate tray. One of the next jobs on our list!

We will be retiring our six chocolate box mixed collection as we don’t have a plastic free solution, and we feel the packaging to chocolate ratio is too high.

Our 12 chocolate mixed collection will evolve to a beautiful teal box with new gift tags.

For now our 24 chocolates and 48 mixed chocolate collections will still have a plastic tray – we are working on a solution but it may take a little while.

This year all of our profit has been invested in sustainability. We have always looked long term and have never taken any dividends, retaining money in our small company and reinvesting it for good.

  • Supporting Avokany Avoko Faravohitra home Madagascar through Small Steps for Africa and a new endeavour with them for Christmas which we will announce in the next few weeks.
  • Supporting charities such as Avon Needs Trees and volunteering.
  • Making all of our retail packaging plastic free for Christmas 2019
  • Changing our cooling / heating to high efficiency heat pumps meeting the 2050 Climate change committee recommendations today!
  • Changing all of our lighting to LED lighting
  • Using 100% renewable energy from local company Good energy who genuinely invest in renewable energy generation
  • Reducing our water usage by 2/3 in one year
  • Sourcing our chocolate under the Raisetrade model from makers that put prosperity and sustainable development above profit, keeping more of the money and taxes in the country of origin.
  • We have never used Palm Oil!
  • Sourcing from local suppliers, our organic jersey cream comes from Ivy House Farm and 75% of our packaging is now made in Wiltshire
  • Putting the prosperity of our staff, customers and suppliers as our driving force above profit and growth.
  • Shaping our business around the 2030 Sustainable Development goals
  • To do good in the world and combat biodiversity loss and climate change
  • We have been recognised as Impact Founders for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals by UCL london
  • We are finalist for the Taste of the West South-West Environmental Sustainability awards – Taste of the West Patron HRH Prince Charles

We have consequently held the price of our chocolate boxes at the same price since 2015. But as we have absorbed increasing costs over the last three years and invested every penny we have in sustainable development, we do now need to increase the cost of our boxed chocolates slightly.

We think you’ll love our new chocolate boxes! We’ll be launching our new Vegan Salted Caramels made with Madagascan Cashew Milc chocolate in the next couple of weeks, and there is a new Christmas collection too!

Chocs Away,