Plastic Free Packaging Update

Plastic Free Packaging

Earlier this year we pledged that all of our retail packaging will be #PlasticFree by Christmas 2019, and the good news is we’re very close to reaching that target.

This week our new chocolate boxes went into production at our local Corsham carton maker.

Perhaps surprisingly for what might be a simple looking box it’s taken a year of design work. We had originally hoped to have these ready for last Christmas, but we also needed new Plastic Free Easter packaging and realised that as we didn’t want to repeat a print run of a windowed Easter box that should take priority. We also wanted to get the details right as our current chocolate box packaging is very popular.

It’s been very fulfilling working with a local carton maker as we’ve been able to pop in and discuss materials, new processes that avoid plastic based coatings, and how to optimise sizing and layout to minimise material usage.

Diana was even able to sit in on the print run this week and work with the printers to tweak colours and check the design to avoid wastage before the run entered full production.

Working with a Corsham based company has reduced the delivery distance to under one mile creating a more circular local economy. The chocolate box design has been a new and rewarding experience for both companies. The company also make our Hot Chocolate spoon boxes locally in Corsham.

There are still some details to complete on our new chocolate boxes and whilst we want to launch them as soon as possible we still have some current packaging. The eagle eyed among you may have spotted that our Sea Salt Pralines are out of stock. These will be the first to use our new packaging.

Plastic Free Packaging

Those of you that have ordered online will have seen quite a few packaging changes recently. The paper honeycomb is an evolution from bubble wrap and ‘Nessie’ the elephant is proving a good alternative to mixed material void fill.

We are also trying to optimise the size of our postal packaging and so our new boxes will have a custom sized outer to try and avoid shipping fresh air.

Our Chocolate Salami will have new packaging phased in closer to Christmas and the labels and new ties are already printed.

So for retail customers we will be #PlasticFree for Christmas!

The biggest challenge remaining is our Wholesale Chocolate trays. These are currently plastic. We have tried an off the shelf packaging solution but considered the chocolate to packaging ratio was too low. So at present we think we’ll need to design a bespoke solution. We have replaced the bubble bags with a paper based alternative. So these are next on our design list.

We hope you like all of the changes we are making!


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