Strawberry wine for my Valentine… Chocolates

OK, I admit, despite grumbling about the whole commercialised madness of Valentines day, we did sit down and have a slap up meal together with one too many cocktails..more of which later!.

First I must introduce you to a new-choc-on-the-block. Our friends at Harrison’s wine shop asked us to come up with some recipes for chocolates using a Swiss wine made exclusively from fermented strawberries.


Opening the bottle is like falling into a pick your own farm after one too many glasses at the picnic (…there’s a theme running through today’s post you may notice!…oh my head……) Anyway, it smells divine and tastes even better and I paired it up in three different ganaches; Strawb1 – quite sweet but the white chocolate didn’t jostle for space on your tastebuds with the wine, so the strawberry flavour carried well and up front.

Strawb2 -a whipped milk chocolate ganache on a base of peppered strawberry milk chocolate. My favourite this with a light texture and a little kick from the pepper.

Strawb3 – paired with a Grand Cru chocolate from Madagascar with full on red fruit notes in an unctuous dark ganache. This one grows on you and the experience lasts as layer on layer of strawberry flavours develop.

We’re going to be running a tasting session of these chocolates and more at Harrison’s on Sunday 26th Feb, so if you’re in the Ealing area and fancy a night of wine, cheese and chocolate, give them a call to book.