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Why you should write a business plan for your Chocolate business

luxury handmade chocolates

It’s the New Year and a time for exciting new business ideas and ventures! As you’ve landed on our website i’m guessing you’re considering a chocolate related business – perhaps you’re planning to open a chocolate shop this year? In our book How to Make Money selling chocolates we explore why you should write a […]

How to Make Money Selling Chocolates – The Book

Three years ago we wrote a post on our website – How to Make money selling chocolates? It is one of the most popular posts we’ve ever written. Several times a month we are telephoned by people wanting to open a chocolate shop, wondering just how to do it – what equipment they need, how […]

How to make money selling Chocolates?

How to make money selling chocolates? That’s the 64 thousand dollar question that everyone who wants to open a chocolate shop or chocolate counter asks themselves, or at least should do before they embark on the venture! This article could be sub-titled… Why you should consider a fresh chocolate counter. Why do People buy chocolate? […]

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