Taste of the West Judges Comments 2021

Christmas Chocolate Gifts

We’ve received some Wonderful judges comments for our Taste of the West Awards Gold Award Winning entry winners 2021. Here’s what the judges had to say about our Christmas Chocolates selection




Simple and beautiful.  All plastic free ☺!  Lovely colour coding for the contents.  


Totally amazing and authentic.  For example; brandy – just like brandy butter.  Ginger – a waft of spice the minute it’s cut.  All smell so good – you want to try them all immediately.   


Amazing.  All very neat and beautifully finished every single chocolate is stunning.  We particularly liked the appearance of the Christmas Pudding. 



All lovely crisp shells with smooth creamy inners.  The orange jelly is inspired.  The textures are all spot on and not at all cloying.  Beautiful.   


All utterly delicious and we defy anybody not to eat them all in one go!  Brandy – yum!  The alcohol is so well balanced and isn’t harsh in any way.  Mint – a lovely pronounced mint, quite a grown-up flavour but delicious.  Gingerbread – amazing, just like soft gingerbread.  Christmas Pudding – like a mini pudding in all flavours…only better.  One judge doesn’t eat Christmas Pudding but would quite happily have eaten a jar of the centre of this one!  

General Comments/Observations

An incredible and imaginative delicious box of chocolates. 


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