BBC TV The Sweet Makers – Diana Short Chocolatier

The Sweet Makers - a Georgian Treat

Yes – Diana is the time travelling chocolatier on the new BBC TV series The Sweet Makers!
Together with Paul A Young, Cynthia Stroud and Andy Baxendale, Diana time travels to experience the life of a confectioner in the Tudor, Georgian and Victorian eras.

The featured photograph shows episode 2 set in nearby Bath ( convenient for filming!) In this episode Diana learned that “dessert” isn’t necessarily what we’d expect today and how the growing fashion for sugar changed Britain forever.
In Bath Diana experienced the life of a confectioner first-hand at a time when the sugar plantations of the Caribbean were fueling lavish lifestyles at the expense of slaves. 

Creating multi-layered jellies with surprising ingredients, expensive ices and intricate sugar work, the four experts explore the creative side of the Georgian kitchen using original recipes and vintage equipment.

The first episode will be shown Wednesday 19th July 2017 8pm BBC 2.

Disclaimer: Diana’s appearance as one of The Sweet Makers does not imply BBC endorsement of Lick the Spoon’s chocolates.

Photograph copyright BBC – left to right Andy Baxendale, Diana Short, Cynthia Stroud, Paul A Young.

Please see the BBC Media centre series information here

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