The World’s Fairest Chocolate

Art Deco Easter Eggs

The chocolate we use to make our Easter Eggs and Chocolates is sourced under a scheme known as Raisetrade from Madagascar and Colombia. With Raisetrade the chocolate is made in the country of origin. Compared to an export of farmed cash crops such as cacao beans it’s worth many times more for Madagascar and Colombia helping the people to trade their way out of poverty rather than accept charity. The Guardian named it the World’s Fairest Chocolate and The Independent Fifty Great Ideas for the 21st Century. We believe it is the best chance we have of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Back in 2005 the idea of Raisetrade (7), or Equitrade as it was then named, was a radical new concept. 

Malagasy, the first Equitrade firm in the world, says it “will not sell cash crops from Madagascar at pence per kilogram, so that other companies can sell them at pounds per kilogram in international markets”. Malagasy’s (meaning from Madagascar) chocolate is classed as “equitably traded” and this means it shares the income it receives from selling its finished product abroad equally with its various suppliers at home in Madagascar. Equitrade tries to ensure that, not only does a product’s raw materials originate from a poor community, it also tries to ensure it is manufactured, packaged and even marketed from there too.


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