UN Sustainability Goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

Affordable and Clean Energy

UN Sustainability Goal 7 highlights two important percentages….

60% – “Energy is the main contributor to climate change, it produces around 60 percent of greenhouse gases.”

14% – “More efficient energy standards could reduce building and industry electricity consumption by 14 percent.”

We’ve used 100% Renewable energy from local supplier Good Energy for the last three years. Unlike some of the new entrant larger providers who’ve suddenly changed their renewable spots they do actually own many of their own renewable energy sources.
But generation is one side of the picture. It’s also important to be energy efficient.

Our ‘Chocolate factory’ was built in 2009, and at the time fluorescent tube lights we’re the most efficient form of lighting readily available. However in the last few months LED replacement tubes have become available that are easy to retrofit and are far more energy efficient.

The typical fluorescent tube we use consumes 70W. The equivalent LED tube consumes 30W, a saving of 40W per tube. Multiply this across all of our lighting and the savings equate to around 1kW.

Looking at this purely financially, at a typical rate of 13pkWH that’s around £1 a day saving for an 8 hour day. The lights pay for themselves in around 6-9months and should last 3 years – what’s not to like?

So today I retrofitted around 95% of our lights for LED equivalents. Some are a straight swap out with a replacement starter. Others need a slight rewire. Fortunately before I ran away to the world of chocolate I started my career as an electrical apprentice.

(1) UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 – Sustainable Consumption

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